Arts Education Impact

Impact_educationSnow Pond Center for the Arts provides an opportunity to strengthen the central Maine and the extended NEMC community through arts education. Arts education is closely linked to everything that we want for our children: graduation, math & reading skills, lifelong captivation through aesthetic experience.

Arts education enhances thinking, reading and math skills

A 2011 report from the President’s Committee on Arts and Humanities (Reinvesting in Arts Education) (1) states, “Decades of research show strong and consistent links between high-quality arts education and a wide range of impressive educational outcomes.” A 2002 compendium of 62 studies focuses on the cognitive capacities that are developed by learning in the arts such as thinking skills and problem solving as well as well as transfer of arts skills to reading and mathematics. (2)

And, of course, arts education and participation is not limited to children. All of our lives can be enriched by opportunities to learn, create and perform together.

Increasing the depth and breadth of arts educational opportunities

Snow Pond Center for the Arts is currently increasing arts education opportunities in central Maine in the following ways :


  • Drawing more and talented music instructors to central Maine
  • Opening a Community Music School in September, 2014.
  • Providing high quality acoustic teaching space for home-based instructors
  • Creating the groundwork for an accredited arts education secondary school focused on the arts
  • Establishing an adult orchestra and band
  • Develop and grow Youth Orchestra opportunities
  • Establishing a central Maine jazz group
  • Providing additional performance and rehearsal space for local college music programs
  • Expanding the NEMC curriculum into all performing and visual arts

1. Dwyer, M. Christine. Reinvesting in Arts Education. Winning America’s Future Through Creative Schools. RMC Research Corporation, 1000 Market Street, Building 2, Portsmouth, NH 03801. Produced by The President’s Committee On The Arts and Humanities. May 2011.

2. Deasy, Richard J. Ed. Critical Links: Learning in the Arts and Student Academic and Social Development. The Arts Education Partnership. 2002.