Numerous studies of the economic impact of arts and education consistently send an important message to community leaders:

“Support for the arts and education is an investment in economic well being as well as quality of life.”

In a 2011 report the New England Foundation for the Arts(1) concluded: “In aggregate, every $1.00 spent by a Maine nonprofit arts and cultural organization became $2.00 in sales for businesses in Maine, and every job provided by a Maine non-profit arts and cultural organization became 1.4 jobs for workers across the state.”

The study The Economic Impact of Non-Profit Arts and Culture Organizations and Their Audiences. Arts and Economic Prosperity IV (2) states: ” leaders who care about community and economic vitality can feel good about choosing to invest in the arts. … Communities that draw cultural tourist experience an additional boost of economic activity.”

The economic impact for New England Music Camp by developing Snow Pond Center for the Arts on the existing campus will:

  • Provide a significantly upgraded performance and rehearsal venue for youth, college and adult campers
  • Expand the breadth and depth of instruction to include theater technology, musical theater, dance and the visual arts
  • Strengthen the operational base of the camp by expanding the working season into early spring and late Fall
  • Provide increased marketing reach and awareness for NEMC to secure future enrollment

Snow Pond Center for The Arts’ economic development impact in central Maine will be through the following activities:

  • Draw more residents and out-of state visitors to the area, increasing revenues of local businesses
  • Create new jobs and teaching opportunities for arts educators
  • Create close-to-home opportunities for Maine youth pursuing arts careers
  • Employment generated by the construction project
  • Exclusive use of Maine professionals, contractors and suppliers for the construction project
  • Ticketed performances by a wide range of nationally-recognized and local performers, lecturers and arts educators
  • Host public events promoting the arts and serve as home to community groups
  • Attract meetings, conferences and retreats to central Maine
  • Create new jobs associated with the management and operation of the Snow Pond Center for the Arts
  • Generate an overall economic ripple effect

1. New England Foundation for the Arts. New England’s Creative Economy: Nonprofit Sector Impact. September, 2011.
2. Americans for the Arts. The Economic Impact of Non-Profit Arts and Culture Organizations and Their Audiences. Economic Prosperity IV: National Statistical Report. 2012.