kids_bench_community“For most people who participate in arts and culture, the experience involves community connections … These community connections represent “paths of engagement,” and a deeper understanding of those everyday connections can open new opportunities for arts and cultural organizations to build participation.” This is a key finding from Arts & Culture: Community Connections (1), a survey of 5 communities participating in the Community Partnerships for Cultural Participation (CPCP) initiative, funded by the Wallace Foundation.

The impact on community created by Snow Pond Center for the Arts will be significant. At the broadest level of community, the impact will be through:

  • Providing personal and communal inspiration and enjoyment through new, multi-purpose, shared public spaces
  • Strengthening the social fabric through the knitting together of diverse interests and individuals
  • Improving the community image perceived by locals, campers, teachers, tourists and non-residents of all backgrounds
  • Enhancing a sense of and connection to “place”
  • Countering demographic and educational trends such as young adult “out migration” and a declining investment in arts education
  • Providing opportunities to engage in constructive social activity
  • Creating opportunities for bringing people together, enhancing social connections and networks

(1) Walker, Chris. Arts and Culture: Community Connections. The Urban Institute. 2002.

More specifically, the impact on the NEMC and central Maine communities will be profound. Visit these links to learn more: